Hello again…..

Sorry, you dont hear about me a long time. Last year I stopped travelling, because I changed my life completly. With the beginning of 2017 I moved to Gozo in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Now I live in a small village called Qala on Gozo nearby the habour to Malta. In the past I was travelling around the world and you could follow me on the trips, but now I welcome the world in my house.

I let two private rooms since April and a lot of People enjoyed to stay with me in my home. Mostly young people drop in and take new thinking and open mind with them.

They come from Australia or Austria, from Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Estonia, Poland, Slovacia, Tchechien, Romania and the little Andorra or from England, Scottland, Ireland and of course from Germany.

They stay with me and Flecky 5 to 12 nigths, discover the Island by car, bus, motorcicle or on foot. They enjoy swimming, diving or snorkeling in the sea, relaxe at and in my pool. We are sitting together by wine and snacks talking about our lifes, travels and culture or politics. We have fun by parties and BBQ with my Gozian friends in my house or visite music acts at Zeppi’s Pub, the festa at the Church sqaure and the „International Folk Festival of Qala“.

Okay, these all is a lot of work by clean up the rooms and the rest of the large house, washing and ironing the beddings and towels, but I have fun and entertainment and earn a little money by the way.

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My lovely neibours Heather and Andi from Britian make my life also easy as my helpful landlord Johnnie. With Heather I meet foreign woman by the „Ladies Night“, we enjoy the „Traditional Grand Tables by the Stabbels in Qala“, where we find new friends witch are living in Qala from France, Argentina, Australia and Germany.

If you are interested to know more about my life, please follow my on Gozo News – See you soon on the blog or in my house in Qala.

Have also a look on Ritas „little Rose on AIRBNB“ or Ritas „little Lighthouse on AIRBNB“

Autor: ritastrips

I am a little lady of 63 years and live in a village on Gozo/Malta. I am independent, nosey, optimistic and humorous. I like reading, writing, telling stories and not at least travelling. I will share my experiences on this way to and on Gozo and have fun, when you test my tips.

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