Go in the Holy Land

My second Mediterranean Sea cruise led me from Venice after southeast. On a murky November day I stung in sea and fourteen days of sea voyage lay before me.

My second Mediterranean Sea cruise led me from Venice after southeast. On a murky November day I stung in sea and fourteen days of sea voyage lay before me. The MSC Magnifica had been put in service scarcely and with it a new and unused. A splendid ship and really largely. My largely, elegantly balcony cabin was furnished with seat group and king size bed and I should feel fine there. As with MSC commonly, I found myself in the evening to the dinner at a table with six people, all singles.


We were a nice group which had to tell itself a lot and thus we were often the last who left the restaurant. Then one meant swiftly in the theatre to come to the evening show programme.

The subject Smoking is on ships and at hotels today to meets a little bit difficultly. The ships of the MSC order everybody of a casino and also if I have not gone to ruin to the play, woman can smoke here her little cigarette in bad weather. The undeveloped outskirt area of the deck six and pool deck are released on the port side (in direction of the traffic on the left) for smokers. Beside the cigar-room there still is in each case a bar on the ship, it a smoker’s area has to the smoke are thanks! So much to the vice.

My first station was not Bari, even if we dropped anchor there, I preferred a quiet day on board and visited the nice SPA of the ship. Thus I began my cultural trip on Rhodes with his medieval castle from the time of the cross knights. A nice walk led me by the lanes to the cloister. A nice glass of wine in the sun in the market place allowed to forget me the work and the home fast -vacation! The next day I reached the island of Aphrodite – Cyprus. An excursion led me to the house of Dionysos, not the old Greek, with his wonderful mosaics and in a cloister which was hit in the rock. A nice island!

Two days on sea, in nice weather was sun themselves and have a bath announced, I enjoyed the sweet life. Then Haifa came to view. The most northern harbour of Israel and a trip worth, as I should ascertain on the second day of my stay. The next morning, however, it went first of all through the country to Jerusalem. What journey was through a green, blossoming country, nevertheless, actually, desertly and desolate. No miracle if the neighbours with envy react. This small Jewish state has created tallness. Then there came Jerusalem – write is difficult, because overpowering in view of his history. Every religion claims them for itself: Jews, the Christian’s east or west churches and not least Moslems want to have her portion.

Late we came back on the ship, killed by the impressions of the day. In the morning I selected to me among the taxi drivers in the harbour of Haifa, a young driver. It was a good clutch. Competently and entertainingly he introduced to me his town and the life in her. A first-class excursion!

I spent a nice day on sea before I Greece reached. A walk by Katakalon on the Peleponnes provided for movement, before it further went to Dubrovnik and with it again in chiller fields.

Then there came Ravenna and I came along on the search for Christmas presents, a difficult underpinned. On my town walk I found a lot, however, nothing what I wanted to take with home. Pity. Oh well, in Venice I had still time. The entrance in the Canale Grandee in the last morning was worth the trip, even if it is a crime in the lagoon. I crowned the hours in the town with all Palazzi, churches, bridges and canals with a caffe grandee and apple pie on Marcus Place.

You find all slide looking of this contribution in the German version „Auf ins Heilige Land“


Autor: ritastrips

I am a little lady of 63 years and live in a village on Gozo/Malta. I am independent, nosey, optimistic and humorous. I like reading, writing, telling stories and not at least travelling. I will share my experiences on this way to and on Gozo and have fun, when you test my tips.

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