In Love: Sansibar

short stories – In Love : Sansibar
Last September, when I was sitting on

Dream of SansibarLast September, when I was sitting on the couch and surfing through the I-Net, searching for my new vacancy trip, I didn’t know that I would find my new travelling dream.

I wanted sunshine -of course, I wanted discover something new – at best,  I wanted drive with others over land , watching attractions – no not really, I have had enough something like that in Asia this year. Because the Oman or Mexico lost the travel lottery and my choice was Sansibar, the white pearl of the Indian Ocean……

What a cool idea! The flight on 6.November went over Muscat and Dares Alaam to Zanzibar-City. The ride through the island showed a beautiful landscape. One hour later, I arrived my Hotel – Diamond the dream of Sansibar – and this was true!

Checking in and I took place in my excellent room! However, the best was the garden pool directly in front of my terrace. A little walk through the neat gardens and I arrived the centre with restaurants, bars, a big pool and the shopping area. After an excellent breakfast, I walked down to the beach, but where was the ocean? During the sea tides it was fall dry and I could see the hiker on the way to the reef cliffs. So I relaxed at my comfortable sunbed under the palms – I was arrived!

I devoted myself to reading the first day: Island of the one thousand stars by Leah Bach – suitable a roman about an alone travelling woman to Sansibar. You must read!! This vacation had to be for relaxing poor and so I made my only excursion at the third day: rainforest with monkeys, spice farm with tropical rain and Stone Town with colonial buildings, bazar and fishers market, Freddy M. place of birth and the slaves market as well. Very interesting and entertaining, but also unsettling!

The days were leisurely and broken by open air events in the evening, as the Arabian night, the dinner with band at the pool and the African beach-dinner. Inspiring conversations, leisurely wellness treatments and swimming in the very hot tub, called Indian Ocean, reading or sleeping under palms und a little boot trip my days filled out.

A wonderful vacancy, created for coming down after an exciting year 2015, with nice and of course interesting people, this was Sansibar. Fantastic!!

Pictures you will find in the German version.

Autor: ritastrips

I am a little lady of 63 years and live in a village on Gozo/Malta. I am independent, nosey, optimistic and humorous. I like reading, writing, telling stories and not at least travelling. I will share my experiences on this way to and on Gozo and have fun, when you test my tips.

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